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Dear Chris,


I just wanted to thank you for setting up my Fender Telecaster. As always, you have done a wonderfully thorough job. The action is perfect and the intonation is spot on. I was not only impressed with how you identified all the problems with the neck and made the required adjustments and then fixed the action and intonation but also how you let me know all that was wrong. Also, the work was completed in a timely manner at a decent price. As an excellent guitarist and tutor yourself, you recognise that we can’t be parted from our toys for too long!


In the recent past you have set-up, restrung and repaired a wide range of guitars from Martin, Gibson, Fender and Epiphone for me and every time I have had no cause for complaint. It is clear from the moment I open the case that the guitars have been handled with care and attention and come back spotlessly clean. So with a nice, shiny guitar and a set-up that suits my style perfectly it is almost like getting a brand new guitar all over again.


For all the reasons outlined above, I would not contemplate giving my guitars to anyone else to look after and you will continue to be the only person I turn going forward.


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your guitar set-up/maintenance abilities to any potential clients, and if you wish to use this letter to market your skills please do so with my blessing.


Thanks again Chris


Kindest regards



Hi Steve,


Just a quick thank you for a great set up on my basses I was very pleased with them, and I shall return with my other ones soon...thank's


Andy Champion

The Blues Shift

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Dear Chris & Steve,



I cannot thank you enough for the excellent repair you did on my prized Luna acoustic guitar.



Fearing the worst after it dropped on the floor, the reassurance you both gave that you could fix the damage, with no adverse impact to the acoustics of the guitar was a great relief.



You came up with a unique resolution to repair and future protect the guitar and I had no hesitation in leaving my prized possession with you.



The finished result was amazing, the "heel" that has been added looks like it was always part of the guitar, and actually adds more protection to it, so in a bizarre way a win win situation.  The guitar itself plays as it did from day 1 and so I cannot thank you both enough for your amazing resolution, the time you took to ensure the repair was the best (as if it was your own guitar).



Anyone looking to buy a guitar or get a repair should speak to Chris and Steve first.  Their advice and expertise is second to none.  Also for those looking to take up guitar should speak to Chris as his teaching abilities are amazing.   He is teaching my 7 year old son and myself (a beginner at 40) and in the year that we have had lessons we have both come on leaps and bounds in our abilities, and I am so glad we decided to learn.



Thanks a million


I would like to thank Steve for the great job he did in servicing my precious Boosey and Hawks “Hawk” acoustic guitar. I have had the instrument for nearly 50 years and it needed some TLC after lots of abuse in my ignorant younger years.

Steve replaced the nut (which was a none standard size so required a bit of ingenuity on his part)

dressed the frets to perfection, re-strung with appropriate strings and finally adjusted the Truss-Rod so the action is better than when new.

I would heartily recommend anyone who has an instrument requiring a touch of love to contact Steve for a chat.


You wont be disappointed.


Thanks again.


Paul Jeffery.