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About Jez


My name is Jez Walker, I have been making guitars for a number of years, I have a background in engineering and also playing guitars. My stage name is Jeremiah Longshanks and I own and play the Jezonator no’s 1 and 2 as my Slide guitars

This guitar,The Jezonator is the product of many hours work at my studio in Hastings, East Sussex.

This particular guitar, No.3, was made from a slab of Black Walnut, it has a set neck with scarfed, slotted headstock. The timber shows the different tones of heartwood/sapwood.

The Headstock overlay is a piece of lacewood Sycamore with my JW logo inlayed in Mother of pearl and Ebony

The Rosewood fingerboard is flat in profile to suit slide playing, the frets are medium gauge and are dressed and polished.

The body is from the same slab as the neck, displaying some lighter sapwood on the lower bouts. The outline is based on an F style Mandolin with a 9.5” National biscuit cone and coverplate. It’s very loud acoustically with a very sweet, resonant sound.

The pickup is an Entwistle X90, it’s wound slightly hotter than standard and gives a sweet tone when played gently and some growl when played harder.

The finish is a high gloss, scratch resistant 2K clear lacquer, hand applied and polished by myself


I’ve done my best to create not only a beautiful instrument but also a reliable, inspiring, lifelong companion

Jez Walker




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