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Italian made Vox Phantom Guitar, custom made from matured, original unused parts in 2012.

Condition is excellent, some surface marks and scratches - see photos

This is the description from the original listing when it was purchased by the current owner back in December 2012.

This is an example of a limited supply of old Vox and Eko guitars that have only recently been assembled from stock that has been stored, slowly maturing for many years. The body, neck, scratchplate and control knobs are all vintage original Vox parts, the bodies were sparayed up and stored in the mid to late 80's, modern Vox type pickups have been added with a set of repro machine heads, the electric wiring is new. What you get is a vintage guitar Brand New!

Finished in black with 3 single coil pickups, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard.

Vox Phanthom Vintage Electric Guitar - Gloss Black


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