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From PP Worlds ‘Early Years’ Series of innovative products, this blue ‘submarine shaped’ plastic kazoo offers children (and grownups) hours of fun.

Simply hum with your mouth open into the large end of the kazoo and learn to accentuate vowel and consonant sounds and vary the pitch. Played solo or with others in groups, at home or in schools, the PP World Kazoo offers an exciting introduction to the world of music, teaching pitch and rhythmic skills.

Not only one of the largest suppliers of innovative junior percussion products, PP World also recognises the importance of a healthy environment, by drastically reducing plastic packaging, hence, this product features alternative, exciting and colourful containers constructed from recyclable cardboard materials.

Dimensions: 12m L x 2cm W.

PP World 'Early Years' Plastic Kazoo ~ Blue

SKU: PP8013

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