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Tanglewood Crossroads Acoustic Travel Guitar TWCRT


Free Bag included!


Introducing the Crossroads TWCRT Travel Guitar, a compact yet powerful instrument designed for musicians on the move. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this guitar combines portability with exceptional sound quality, making it the perfect companion for your musical journey.


The TWCRT features a unique travel body shape, meticulously engineered to provide maximum comfort and convenience without sacrificing tone. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take on the go, whether you’re heading to a gig, embarking on a road trip, or simply practicing in the comfort of your own home.


At the core of the TWCRT lies its top, expertly crafted from mahogany wood. Known for its warm and resonant tonal characteristics, mahogany infuses the guitar with a rich, balanced sound that’s perfect for a variety of musical styles. Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking melodies, the mahogany top delivers exceptional clarity and depth, ensuring that every note rings out with precision and clarity.


Complementing the mahogany top are the back and sides, also constructed from premium mahogany wood. This choice of tonewood enhances the guitar’s overall resonance and sustain, adding warmth and depth to its sound. The mahogany back and sides also contribute to the instrument’s visual appeal, with its sleek finish and distinctive grain patterns adding a touch of elegance to its aesthetic.

Tanglewood Crossroads Acoustic Travel Guitar TWCRT - Free Bag!