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Full Tone, Low Volume

Featuring unique push-pull 12BH7 power amps, HT-5R MkII are designed to create a full sound even at the lowest of volumes, helping to create that sound in your head no matter the environment.

Studio Quality Reverb

Our new studio quality reverb has been referenced against the most revered vintage and modern reverb units, designed to perfectly complement guitar tones.

Two footswitchable channels and voices

HT-5R MkII amps come equipped with two footswichable clean and overdrive voicings. On the clean, choose between a bright and pristine American setting with a solid and tight bass response. Or a classic British setting with looser bass response and a warmer mid range, sensitive to your guitar output and playing dynamics.

On the overdrive, choose between a classic hot-rodded setting with medium power amp damping. Or, a more modern setting with a strong mid-emphasised pre-overdrive boost with a looser, more aggressive sound due to reduced power amp damping.

Stunning Looks

The compact cabinet has a 3 degree angle on the front face, top-loader panel and stage-friendly chickenhead knobs giving the HT-5R MkII a stunning boutique style.

Blackstar HT-5R MkII Valve Amplifier

£569.00 Regular Price
£499.00Sale Price

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