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Utilising rudimentary rhythm skills gained from the PP World KS1 set, the KS2 can further assist participating children in reaching Key Stage 2 of Music in the National Curriculum. With KS2’s more defined instrument inventory, children can quickly gain more musical experience as they develop greater confidence and ability in how to perform music individually and in groups.

Consists of:
2 Pairs of 15cm cymbals
2 Pairs of 20cm cymbals
2 Pairs of claves
2 Finger castanets
1 pair of Maracas
1 20cm triangles
1 Piccolo cabasa
1 Agogo & beater
1 Solo tambourine
1 8-note chime bar set
3 Pairs of extra chime bar beaters
1 Tulip block & beater
1 Jingle stick
1 10cm tambour drum
1 25 note glockenspiel
1 Plastic storage chest

PP World 25 Player Percussion Set ~ Key Stage 2


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