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Xvive’s best-selling, problem-solving U4 In-Ear Monitor Wireless System is now available as the XU4T9, a complete, self-contained package featuring everything required for extreme, high quality audio monitoring at home, in the studio or in a live stage environment. 

This superb compact and highly portable wireless system includes the popular Xvive U4 6 channel Transmitter and Receiver, Xvive’s high-quality T9 In-Ear monitors with balanced drivers, deluxe CU Series travel cases and a host of accessories that account for a no-fuss, plug-in-and play system.

Both the XU4’s transmitter and receiver are built to last, with a tough, robust plastic/metal construction. The receiver itself, with a sturdy metal belt clip, is unobtrusive with fiddle-free easily accessible Headphone Volume control and lockable Channel Select control. 

The XU4T9 system is multi-functional, with the transmitter and receiver featuring 6 selectable channels for creating up to 6 individual discrete mixes or, by selecting the same channel as the transmitter, the same monitor signal can be sent to multiple receivers simultaneously. 

With a balanced XLR input, the XU4’s transmitter also features Power/Mute, Aux/Line switches and status LEDs for Power, Channel Select and Battery life.   

Charging for both units is via a standard USB port, from which the transmitter and receiver will each deliver up to 5 hours playing time, with a line of sight range of 90ft (27.5m) and, with a signal to noise ratio at 107 decibels, provides exceptionally clear and detailed reproduction audio at any volume within the operating 2.4Ghz frequency range, with a latency response of less than 5 milliseconds. 

Accessories include, a male XLR to ¼ in jack adaptor, Micro-USB charging jack, USB ‘Y’ lead for charging the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, a cleaning tool and a large selection of silicone tipped ear-piece buds for the T9 In-Ear monitors to suit different ear canal sizes, offering individual comfort and a secure fit. 

Available as a separate item the Xvive T9 In-Ear monitors, hand-made in the USA by IEM engineers, deliver pro-level audio quality with the finest details and, like the XU4T9 system, include a robust, lightweight CU Series hard shell travel case. 

U4 Features
• In-ear monitor wireless system for musicians.
• 6 switchable channels allow parallel use of 6 systems. 
• Integrated rechargeable lithium battery transmitter (860 mAh) and receiver (1200mAh) for long battery life of more than 5 hours.
• Y-USB Micro-USB charging cable for simultaneous charging of transmitter and receiver.
• Range up to 90ft (without obstacles).
• Less than 5 ms latency.
• Frequency range  20 - 20,000 Hz.
• 2.4 GHz ISM Band for world-wide use.
• 24 bit / 48 kHz.
• 107dB dynamic range & Signal-To-Noise Ratio.
• Runs up to 5 hours per battery charge (2.5hr charge time for a full charge)
• On/Off switch.
• Channel switch.
• Status LED show selected channel and indicates battery life.
• Durable ABS and metal housing.
• Micro-USB charging jack.
• Line and Aux input mode on transmitter.
• Receiver 1/8" output supports 6-600Ω Impedance headphones.
• Includes U4 transmitter and receiver, T9 In-Ear Monitors, CU4 Travel Case and XLR Male to 1/4" TS Male Adapter.

T9 Features
• Dual balanced-armature drivers
• Hand-assembled
• Sound-isolating earphones
• Both silicone and memory-foam ear tips included in three sizes
• 3.5 mm earphone jack, compatible with all systems
• Carrying case and cleaning tool included
• Durable, replaceable cables
• Custom-designed, unified crossover ensures that each driver is only sent frequencies they were designed to reproduce

Xvive In-Ear Monitor Wireless System with T9 In-Ear Monitors and Travel Case


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